Horseshoes | A Tribute to Randall

by Barking Spiders

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This shit will bump turds out ya buttholes!


released August 27, 2011

Beats by Mosquitolegs
Vocals by Rusted Pringle
Lyrics by Barking Spiders
Scratches by DJ Wrektum
Cover Art by Polar Beast



all rights reserved


Barking Spiders Oakland, California

It's those dirty goons Mosquitolegs and Rusty Pringle, here to balloon your mustard rings.

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Track Name: Trouser Trough feat. The Tourettes Guy
Tourettes Guy

• (sfx) Oh! Bob Sagat
• She has nice ass. She's a bitch
• I'd like to tit-fuck her ass
• I called her a bitch, right in front of her tits
• I wouldn't fuck her with my own ass
• I wouldn't fuck her with your dick

Rusty Pringle

• Grease the pad lightning
• Barrel traction scooter shootin
• Crusted Russell roundhouse kick your chin piece
• Chuttle chuttle chuttle chang, chang
• Spack off the wang willow
• Hormones tremendous
• Basket latch puncher
• Punchin off the tootin torn, horn (Shirlana)
• Rollin around
• There's brown in the underpants
• Sporting a smoke wagon
• Ahh, Marilyn Manson your underpants, hurdle basket
• Ohh, take it back, step it back a notch
• What do you know about the notchless
• Saucey simpleton
• Bob trunket mouth. Ned Plimpton
• (Shit!) Ned Plimpton?
• Muscles. Dirty little pants
• B-b-brown stance missile launcher
• Old men and the musty roller derby dance balloons
• Not balloons. Ahh
• Crab crotch, getting the stack Jim Turnet
• See my single slang pizza lovin ointment Jenkins
• Sanch it. Sanch it up, you look like you eat
• Don't let the chest hairs your full trouser pad
• Ice Capade goose neck
• Bulgin smells
• Flowering, dumping all with the Don Juan
• Uhn uhn, uhhh. Uughhh, I love the Grape Lady
• (Well, if grape stomping's not your thing...)
• I wanna see the Grape Lady's underpants saggin
• Underbelly tickler action. Ohh
• Is that recording right now? All right. (Stop)
• Don't cripple your toes
• Chest plate, back brace lint remover
• Trim the pillow, snatch the trout swimmer. Ohh
• You're going deep sea fishing later
• Make a sandwich made outta rain
• Down in the dropplin, dripplit batter
• Poopin in your groovin gutter
• Cleaning out the tweezers
• Pull the crab claw, tinsel chain
• Installation performed seamlessly
• Gettin the upper lips crammed full
• Porridge nicely, enter the dirty chick's chambers
• (sfx) Ahh, smell the dumpster, smell the bumper
• Is that enough for your basket? Ahh. Ohh. Ugh
• (sfx outro) Uggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Track Name: Chalk Chest
Rusty Pringle

• Swivel hips, swivel off the hatchet, ratchet
• Pang doodoo pain, Mosquito, get the bangdido
• Get bag, get doodoo pang pag
• Gettin browner rowdy Rodney pancake
• Chest plates and niblits gridlits
• Skittish dirty skivvy. Nipples, nippy skivvy
• Dollar for every time you farted
• Every time you wipe your mouth please
• I'm jumpin on your gizzards
• I'm rumplin dumplin Picard
• Fuckin Chuck Picor
• Checking the meter on a carb shaft dually
• Chuck Chuck Picor
• Ch-ch-checking the meter on a carb shaft dually pin
• Air out take brake pedal boot contact tickler
• Boobytrapin the monkey flinger
• I build a pile o' wearin shoes on your rug
• Found skiddies in your doodle ring
• Dribbler, dripple cripple hand gang sign
• Finger crippled, knuckles painful
• Notch, chalk notch on the steam pile
• Curdled food breath
• Chalk a notch on your chest
• Represent dueling buttress
• Soothing suckle pie
• Buttery nuts ear plug blanket lint ball
• In your soup bowl
• Hey Bob, don't pluck the hair mole
• Please hold the old, smoldy mold
• Legs, Mosquito, Mosquito
• Get the doich duckling, buckling
• Wrestler compound fracture legs
• Mosquito limber legs
• Skate down the street with a limber Skeeter
• P-p-p-p-peg legs
• I love the prosthetic limber robot leg recipient
• Fat bunions
• Girlies' holes damages by the frat crew skin cashew nuts
• Caskets, flying nuts, mutton chutts, mutton chutley
• Chuttle. The chuttle ain't funny
• A tattoo of a chubby on your ugly
• Nothin wrong with some muddy milkshake
• Retched liquid feedbag drum lip
• Drum kickin dribblin dribble
• You got a string of dribble hangin off your lip
• Please wipe off the griddle off you lip, please
• Robby Snitchel, big shouts to the black box
• Yo, we got throbbing nickels. Woops
• Big Douglas, get the business done
• Clean up you mess
• Jog over here with some he furdlers and beer piss
• Doyng doyng doyng... get the Deutschmarks
• Everybody’s out, for getting Deutschmarks
• Shave, a weird number, into your brain piece
• Into your brain hair
• You know about the brains hair
• Yo, you don't got any brain hair get a Mirkin piece
• Don't protrude out your keyloid scar
• You don't want to go and have a problem
• Yeah I got something for your girlfriend's mouth... (sfx)
• The man met the meat sprinkler
• Pinchin on your Henry Winkler, dripplit tinkler
• Dusty, dusty chicken shard, sharp Arnold
• I'll break your Rodney
• I'll spank your girlie's skin pillow, stomp bologna
• Socks the crust I'll wind chime you like the diaper face
• Feed you feasts like sausage rumplit crumple Chinese chicken
• Chewy, chingey, chili sandwich egg salad
• And Luke got the turtle back
• A triple thickness sideburn cheesy bottleneck deck
• Poop, deck poop, bathroom wall banger
• Wall brownster, here to small monster pants
• Chin chang ting ping ching
• A little more something for your girlfriend’s mouth... (sfx)
• Yeah for you girlfriend's trout mouth. (sfx)
(sfx chorus)
• Sorry about that fartin on your girlfriend's cheeks. (sfx)
• Brown moustache from the girlfriend fart mouth. (sfx)
(sfx chorus)
• Yo, your smile line at the horse teeth
• Dust ventriloquist
• Make it sound like your fart, sound like your girl farted
• Girls, get that hair crimped, get that holes pimped
• Call me El Don Jim Podiak
• Hunch hunch, hunch hunch back back in your nap sack
• Air guitar, pro back boat motor oil
• Lawnmower in your bath, shave your back
• Shave up your crab stack, Skeeto, Skeeto, Mosquitoleg
• Pegs, peg legs
• D-duel d-deuce in your Yahtzee dice black hole t-t-t-t-teeth teeth teeth
• Dip off a lipper in your, dip off a lipper in your
• Dip off a lipper in your teeth
• Dip off a lipper in your bean
• Bean. Bean. Bean. Bean. Bean. Bean. Bean. Bean
• Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnn
Track Name: Loud Barks
Rusty Pringle

• Scorched barker, Barking Spiders
• Mob gangster, gun riot naked skin business
• Rampant super slider friction luber
• Measure my tube by my car size
• Spoiler, neon chrome dumpster bumper
• Rollin gas stations stoppin the gas cap
• I rap about the cap
• Open up the gas hole
• Fillin it up with some George W
• Helpin your girl rubbin you
• Not really, jelly buster blister cramp
• Lone bowling, three fingers in
• Three cramps knuckles
• OK, I get some beers, I'm bowlin
• Marlene come bowl for me
• My cramplin Donald barrel gun
• Shootin pins, pistol pin shooter
• Bowlin gangster
• Matt, my weapon, my secret weapon
• Baboon hand gripper
• Wooden floor disaster, grenade pants
• Cutting and dancing wig wearer
• Luke the glasses face
• Looking down the pinway
• They say he's blind, he's got a wretched hairy pillow
• Bowl of soup eater, mouth, soup breath
• Wind fill the house up
• Saturate your couch up
• Make you bring your lunch up
• Pull the rug up, call the Doug up
• See what you got your nose in
• You dipped your chin
• Got some girls to get with
• They like my rap, I like the butt crack, pants huggin
• Huggers. Lee Dungarees ripper
• Wood chipper, skin pincher
• Kicking door in, domestic violence
• Makin the pants perform the silent riot dance
• My product, you'll buy it
• It's like some gritlin chitlin milkshake batter
• Corn, pancake radish sandwich maker, makin biscuits
• Shootin at your mouth, wrist slingster
• Food weapon gangster, toiler prankster
• Using scratching like Matt's my dirty hooker
• Dirty rotten hookers
• Scratch. Rocky's my bird, he wants a scratch
• Yellow nape Amazon
• Rocky parrot crack scratch flinger
• He fling the cracker when I give it to him
• He smacked the chains against the cage
• When he was pissed at me
• Becky said "Don't give the sugar"
• Yo keep chippin the shit off the bottom of the cage
• Wipe ya mouth
• Yo, playin the bean horn
• You're wearing your helmet
• Shell fraction, look at the dumpster
• There's garbage in there idiot
• I said it's smelly, and you smelled it
• I said it's stinky, and you licked it
• Turn out the lights
• Knife throwing, bullet dodger Rodger
• Champion farter, like "poot, twank"
• Scary, lumpy, hairy, greasy, cheesy pumpkin
• Whittlin chin target
• Carve a random item, like a fork
• It's ugly
• Ride around in a basket
• Cause a racket
• Call your daughter, I'll cramp her style
• Create a pile of creepy smiles, smiling silly
• Bunch a hot rod
• Wrestling fat guy swollen upper carrot lip action
• I'll tattoo a rattler on you
• Yo, a freakin rattler. A rattler snake
• Yo, I'm down like your momma's panties
Track Name: MPC60 Dirt
Rusty Pringle

• Busty bump ring, red swollen stinger poker
• Hey Charlie, Ben your Johnson, Charles Bronson
• You look like Billy Douglas
• Rutger Hauer muscle muzzle on your word hole guzzler
• Guzzle off the turd bowl... yeah
• Dip up to your wrist, dip till you're pissed
• Don't ask the ching spanker, muscle twanker
• Nuzzle, nuzzle the tadpole guzzler
• Buck tooth, upper jaw root cuttin and chippin
• Watchin tuckus, chuttin chippin rubbin friction
• The Chuts, fartin in the public restroom butt-boomin
• And cramin in a packin in the food and it gone rotten
• Like a big lipper, a deep dipper
• Ridin in it. Something, quadzilla
• I'm in your mom's umbrella, I'm riding on everything
• Sport-lover dirt bike ride
• Dirt bike ride, ride backwards
• Toadfood toadstool, stackin and lactating
• Lactating with a back breaker
• Ben Juan billfold cheese
• Samson Redneck Boy the reddest
• Deadliest dookus breath, reddest roothless chest
• Face tickler lips kissin your girlfriend
• Pickler nippler, guard your breachpad
• Randall, I salute you, I salute, your Voit shoes
• Play a round note on a brown flute
• Mutton mouthfull pack your mouth full
• A pimple, a boogie, your girlfriend get a noogie in the mushy tushy
• Pack your strum buns on a town tune
• Got braces, you need some toothpicks, you need some toothpicks
• You get lettuce in the braces for the lettuce release
• Dart shaft man Randall
• I say shout to you with your horse shoe pits and griddle
• Tightey whitey midnight Randall snackin, elastic strappin
• Midnight confrontation with Matt and
• In the cupboard. Don't back out with the crack out
• Elephant skin pilsner pistol
• Check out your innards ringworm
• Bullet shooter pistol quad sport, teleportin to a shithouse
• Teleportin hog snortin, you think it's stinky, right
• You smell it, it smells right
• But don't put your finger in it, dip your chin in it
• Yo big shout out to the Douglas
• You gotta take care of that sting, you gotta ice your ring up
• You gotta ice that thing
Track Name: Rolly Morton Robert feat. The Grape Lady
Rusty Pringle

• It's Rusted Pringle getting your girl bell to ringle jingle
• It's Rusted Pringle watching your girlie butthole wrinkle
• It's Rusted Pringle ramming it in the windhole
• Pringle, chalking a notch up on the bed post
• It's Rusty Pring, investigating the doodoo ring
• It's Rusty Doodoo Ring, getting the doodoo ring
(Ohhhh, I can't breath)
• That's not enough, that's like 10 lines
(Stop. Ehhhhhhhhh)
• I'm dishing out bullet trumpets
• Right click your left tittie
• Clean your drawers if they're smellin shitty
• Wash the remote when you get it unstuck from you roll problem
(Ewwwww, ahh eww ohhhh, ohhhh eh uhhh)
(Ewwwww, ahh eww ohhhh, ohhhh eh uhhh)
• I got some nose goblins
• They call me Joey Buttonhooker Rolly Morten Robert
(Ewwwww, ahh eww ohhhh, ohhhh eh uhhh)
(Ewwwww, ahh eww ohhhh, ohhhh eh uhhh)
• I got a lot of problems like my nuts are hobble gobble
• Havin trouble eating a punani taco
• Havin trouble eating a... nope
• More than a trumpet player
• A brown note for your Mom's toupeer
• Your Dad smells like a vaginer
• Work it out with your mirk designer
Track Name: Missile Launch Pad
Rusty Pringle

• I was looking at your stomach
• It looks like a Ronald Dumrotch
• With a shoe horn, and a cat legs dancin
• Perform the dance moves to the dance groove
• And dump your dunlap. Oooohhh
• Oohh, it's the story of the bandit, "Poon Tang Poop"
• A skid mark is not a poop
• A fart ain't shit, your eyebrows ain't shit
• Your mudslide, as in your tighty whities, is shit
• Wipe your shit up
• A Mosquito is a bug
• A Pringle is a dipper
• It's dipper, pack a fat lipper
• Take a dump in your sticker
• Ahhh, kalbungus and a woodchuck
• That's a nifty jingle
• The fucking stinky Rusted Pringle
• The Skeeto do the farm house stuff
• And the izzle wax off the muff in the
• Run gang shit
• 3BZ and the mustard pickle
• Joe Taylor penis missile
• Launch off, smash the Wrecktum
• Onion, old fart erection
• Hey, look at the book
• The books says "turd naps"
• Smell like a doodoo wrap
• They smell the cabbage
• They smell like a three ring binder
• That's been in a toilet bowl
• Poop. Shoot. Poop shoot
• Poop poop poop poopshoot
• Hershey mudslide and wipe it off
• It fells right, it feels like a turd knife
• Or a turn-buck diaper stinkin disk slip
• Ahhh, Molly rotten tooth
• Rocky underbelly
• Vee Ho Pee starfish butthole skin pistol
• Those are the big shout outs
• Yo, your phone ring a ding ding
• And frika frika frikesh nit
• This thing's sensitive
• Like the missile tip head pistol nip
• Got a little crusty edge around the nipple tip
• We we we we
• We thought it was done, but it's not done
• I need to say I'm out like a turtle head
• I'm out like a dog boner
Track Name: New #2
Rusty Pringle

• Holes, teeth, look closely
• Lookin like Nestle Crunch tooth
• Redneck cutoff jean shorts
• Cut duce shot. Duce pairs
• Short ugly, hair comb
• Tough tongue hanger
• No laces in the shoes
• Tongue problem, twang business
• Last of the dune shit pillagers
• Rally sport inch dwindler
• Get off my jockey jockster
• Roller hockey rollin wart growing skank garden
• (inhale) Flower sniffin
• What the body infestation
• Barrel of monkeys melon Beefaroni's
• Bolognas, party
• Party for you happy chowder
• Chunky styled, stylin up a muster
• Air perpetrator, smell rifle expert
• Grundle interpersonal blast-off
• Wind blower, lawnmower, corn-holer
• Old molar, Richard Moulder aka Dick Maldoonski
• Old romaine lettuce
• Old tennis shoes
• You know the story, here's the story
• Pants pulled down, there's something crazy
• A tennis court, and a lazy old man
• Sittin on a lawn chair, tennis pencil
• Skinny legs, skinny brackets
• Still platform shoe pain,
• Midget wrestler, body slammer
• Strippin at your Mommy baby shower
• Skin lancer, filthy Billy goat
• Hooked tooth, hooked tuckles
• Shave your baskets
• Drown out the gangster chrome Jerome necklace
• Purchase goon necklace
• Monstrous, mock-neck monstrosity
• Animal hair situation growin places
• It's butt on butt crime
• Call your Mother. Call Doug's Brother
• It's efficient to call up Daryl Thompson
• Call Scroliosis
• Install some gasket vents in the pants leg
• Gettin your Horatio fatter
• Bunion flares
• Bob Barker
• Box legs, raw eggs
• I guess the spice is ripening
• Don't balloon your nipple out
• Don't push your implant
• Yeah, that's how we're doing this thing
• That's Mosquitoleg
• That's me
• Yo, we're Barking Spiders
• I smell like rusted surface Pringle
• Yes, Douglas, eat the dugout
• You know you got the bugs out
(Hold on, hold on)
• Yes my neck is bitten by a horseflys
• Horses come and bite your lips out
• Yeah, on this track
• That's Skeeterlegs
• And I'm the fucking Pringle biter
• Don't front on the shoe size
• Yup, I'm the cheep defeater
• Nope. Yeah, I'm the cheese eater
• Yeah, I gotta also say shout to my boy
• Unis corn cob nibbler
• Hello, handlebar moustache grower
• You nice, have moustache comb rake
• Yo make sure you tongue mop your plate clean
• Yes
• Poot stank
Track Name: PP Peg Doodoo
Rusty Pringle

• My shirt smell like peepee poopoo peg doodo
• Eat your grizzle, eat that giblets
• Giblets, wipe your mouth
• Yo, wipe your mouth corn
• Boot scootin boot punt
• Ridin in small brown ships, toilet water
• Inner chafe, innards chapped... chat
• Wipe, get the cream corn outta your teeth
• Creep, creep hard
• Fart and smack your cheek
• Cheap boxer seam, cheap stitch stichel
• Stinky sandal Randal horseshoe pits and dirt Randal
• Bangs horseshoes
• Pits and dirt
• Randall bangs horseshoes in the horseshoe pit like
• (Ting, ting, twank)
• Studio punch-ins, Douglas at my luncheon
• I'm bunkin on your butthole, stain the carpet
• Twankers bad for your stealth
• Pink brown pillow shocker blast off hot wind chime
• Yo it's your pillow case, It's the Innerspace, it's Douglas Quaid
• And it's Ben Quaid in a paper bag
• A sandwich, a hot dancing turd fringin in skin
• Ringing anus beans, trumpet trumpet trumpet
• Randal eats balloons and food on your chin farts
• Make your voice high
• Pelted P Pillis
• Peterson dent your skin, will pill fart
• Thanks for the hot-dog skin plate, I'll frost your pillow
• With Phil Alberelli, Jon Jon LeRock
• A hot-dog, the shitty breakfast
• Lumped under skin it smells like locker room
• Locker room... Amy Babcock
• Amy Babcock Jeremiah Babcock
• They make out in the back seat
• Bus driver, I'll tell you about it
• Twitchel, Mr. Mitchell
• Mitchell Mitchell twitchel Mitchell
• I'm gonna say names of people that I know
• It's also like Andy Datillio
• Yeah I'm talkin about Billy Jenkins
• I'm also talkin about Jason Turanjo
• I seen a redneck eatin spittle
• I seen a fucking woman eatin some jizzle
• Yeah, I'll twist open your doorknob with a penis grip
• Don't watch out, you might get the penis drip
• Twomp, yeah, basket Brillo batch
• Twang. Spack off of the trillo
• Eat off the Brillo, eat off the plate, Jack
• Stuffed. Stuffed up nose
• My nose got stuffed up,
• It's like frosting pudding drip
• Chip grizzle, Chip get chocolate chips in your bone chisel
• Yeah beautiful girl, I'll show you my beautiful bunion world
• Yap. Yeah, I'll tell you some ingredients
• Tell you the whole recipe
• Ching, ching, ching, ching, ching, ching, ching, ching
• How much business can I fit into one little lipshits
• Pin snits, pinsle
• Put little bits of Christmas tinsle in your whole pinhole
• Yup, I'm ready again, I'm smoking another one
• Yes, I'm goin to McDonald's this morning
• I'm gonna get a breakfast thing
• I'm gonna eat that, and I'm gonna crap in about a minute
• Smelly. It's really smelly. It's really great, it's good to hear
• You wanna hear about some smells in your ear-nose-hole
• Charlie, dumpin a whole garbage truck worth of
• Dump dirt in your laundry
• Yes it's special, I got a whole entourage of Gesso
• I wanna put on the back of your neck roll
• Great, the underside of your belly's like rusty surface cage
• It's like Rocky's dirty underbelly
• Yeah, I break off Cotton Mouth Dan with a whole can of water
• I'll make sure his mouth don't clap
• Ching, ching, ching, ching, ching, ching, ching, ching
• Ching, ching, ching, ching, ching, ching, ching, ching
Track Name: Sap Snatcher
Rusty Pringle

• Rusty Pringle watchin your girl tinkle
• Rusty with the stance knocking dust off the girl pants
• Rusty give your girl the tongue duplex
• Crusty been running outta Kotex
• Hang up your stir-ups, usurp the syrup
• Drawing on the doodle pad
• I pooped on your lawn and made your poodle mad
• Call Chad and get the problem lubricated
• Don't worry about the ugly girl you dated
• You shoulda masturbated
• Hey Ben, pass the underwear
• Bob too, keep the shoes on. Feet stink buddy
• Keep the clean skin, peep the hair trim, prime cutting (do it)
• Real muttons face, drop the onions on the shoes lace
• Making the grits, please Chuck loose the eggs breath
• Shave the hair patch chest, hair like a ripple fest, cut it
• Meat dish service, helmet make the retard nervous
• Please make my straight hair curvous
• Could you go ahead and blemish with pimple
• Two fatties with meat in the middle
• Dripple dripplin, salavation iron boxer shorts
• Neon, toilet Porta-Potty
• Dirty rotten undergarments
• Rigor mortis dick girly party
• Call Shape and tell him the bunions be swollen
• And the cheese is old and moldin, fractured legs bowlin
• Broken struggle snuggle pistol pullin
• Skeeterlegs told me he was pullin pintos
• Swollen soccer bean burritos
• And Cheatos beatos
• Ahh, yeah! That was the outro
• No. This is the outro
• Ahh, I called up. I called up Skeeter
• He told me that if I didn't have a parking spot
• To park in the cripple spot, and pretend to be handy
• So I did it
(sfx outro)
• Well, it seemed the hit of the show
• Was a fuel stingy clay cook stove
• At its Brownsferry nuclear site
• 80 hogs, $500 dollars, build windmill
(more scratching)
Track Name: Initial Original feat. Skeeterlegs
Rusty Pringle

• I want to tell you some things that mean something
• Like munchkins eating dumplings
• Then extreme dumping off the world's largest pumpkins
• That would be something
• They would be taking things to the next level
• Then their adrenalin settles, and they
• Pick up the piles of shitty pebbles
• They all got medals, and don't do it for the respect
• But they live for the thrill of the impact
• When the turds connect
• They never pay any mind to
• Having to clean up the mess but
• Sometimes they extreme dump and then
• Sleepin in the bed sheets, blessed
• Yes yes, I agree that's all a little grotesque
• But if we're knee deep, they're armpit
• So don't bitch and complain about the
• Small shit


• Everyone's tall, they think they got it bad
• But the small deal with shit
• And half the time they're knee deep in it
• It's like going uphill, both ways
• No shoes, size 2 Rollerblades
• And your toes are bunched up
• She falls down, she farted
• She falls right over, she fucking stinks